UAST Incubator Clusters

An overview of UAST Incubator Clusters


Incubators of Technology Clusters Network is a set of interrelated incubator clusters in Iran, which share information, facilities, and achievements and carry out joint projects. These centers support the conversion of an idea into a product and facilitate the mass production and commercialization of the products. UAST has 12 incubator cluster centers each specializing in a particular area in industry, management and social services, agriculture, and culture and arts.

Science and Technology Park: An organization of professional experts whose main goal is to increase wealth in society through promoting a culture of innovation and constructive competition between park-based companies and science-based institutes.To achieve this goal, the Science and Technology Park will Communicates between knowledge and technology among universities, research institutes, private market firms, and facilitate the growth of innovative companies through centers of growth and reproductive processes.

Incubators Cluster Center: The space and structure is managed by professional professionals, which acts as a link between universities and research centers with the industry and the market, providing support services for the creation and development of technology and innovation by entrepreneurs and innovators in the form of Technology units operate in a variety of fields, and support economic and technological knowledge.

Technology cluster center: A set of homogeneous and related technology units in a specialist field, integrated in a geographic area with scientific and technological capabilities in a structure, emphasizing creativity and innovation, technology transfer to production Related products, or complementary, and face common threats and opportunities that make them the most successful structures in the world of economics and technology.

Network of incubators centers and technology clusters: refers to a set of technology cluster centers in different geographic areas and in a specialized field that relates to the physical or virtual interactions of facilities, information, opportunities, and interactions They establish their strain with certain rights and obligations, and through their cooperation and joint activities, they will further enhance the synergy of science and wealth.

Technician units: Independent legal entity units in the form of knowledge-based companies, research and development units of industries or research centers affiliated to universities, which according to the statute in the field of applied and development research, technology transfer, the provision of specialized services and direction Commercializing research results.

Technology units: Work teams consisting of a number of graduates with a specific field of work that seeks to form a legal entity and create a career in the field.

Technician: A person who has the expertise and skill in a certain area of technology and the result of his activity leads to the production of new goods or services.

Knowledge Based Company: is a private or cooperative company that is dedicated to the synergy of science and wealth, the development of a knowledge-based economy, the realization of scientific and economic objectives (including the expansion and application of invention and innovation) and the commercialization of research and development results (including: Designing and producing goods and services) is in the field of high technology and high added value, especially in the production of related software.


Activities related to the supply of a product or service based on new ideas and technologies that include related processes including patents, technology valuation, awarding privileges, transfer and dissemination, and the acquisition of other required technologies (complementary) and pay the related copyrights, Capture of resources (prototyping, designing of a new process or product, testing and obtaining necessary approvals, testing, marketing, and troubleshooting), as well as specialized commercialization service support services (including consulting activities, technology management, Product design and process of standardization, measurement and laboratory services).

Innovative Center:

Innovation centers have been created with the same idea of ​​attracting creativity and innovation, and are seeking to supply a product, of course a product based on knowledge and research. They will survive the funding of their activities from companies that depend on them or companies that sell them to them, but they also have a share of the budget in the governing system of each state.

As defined by “the Research and Technological Support Fund”, the Innovation Center is a center composed of one or more innovative teams working together with research centers and companies seeking new products in a specialized field within the framework of a long-term plan.

Generally up to 6 months, innovation centers often work with long-term projects. Accelerators usually accept any idea that at first does not even have anything to do with science, but in innovation centers, research is usually done on the basis of research.