UAST Memorandums of Understanding

University of Applied Science and Technology has signed Memorandums of Understanding with different European and Asian universities.

Our internationalization vision promotes further collaboration with more prestigious universities and vocational institutes of higher education.The following are some of the universities with which UAST has signed a Memorandum of Understanding:





► The Netherlands:  

Saxion University of Applied Sciences 


► Republic of Ireland:

Dublin Institute of Technology


► North Cyprus:

University of Kyrenia

                Near East University


► Turkey:

Izmir University of Economics 

                Ege University

               Artvin Coruh University

               Ahi Evran University

               Mustafa Kemal University

               Sinop University

               Usak University

               Kahramanmaras University

               Ardahan University


► China:

Xiamen University


► Kenya: 

Pwani University


► Iraq:

 Salahaddin University

                 Sulaimani University 

                 The Middle Technical University

                 (Iraq, Kurdistan Region)

                 Sulaimani Polytechnic University 

                 Maad Oil Institute

                 Koya University